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Why Rent From Louie's Tux Shop?

Louie’s Tux Shop has been family owned and operated right here in Indiana for over 75 years! Founded and still operated out of South Bend, we are a local business here to offer personalized and thoughtful service to all our communities across Indiana.

We have 17 shops covering communities from Indianapolis to Northern Indiana. Fort Wayne to South Bend and Northwest Indiana. We make it easy for you to coordinate your wedding with friends and family across the state. All Louie’s Tux Shops are connected! Your guys can get fitted and pick up at their closest location. We make formalwear and wedding planning hassle free.

Every Louie’s Tux Shop has in store samples of each of our 40+ Tuxedo and Suit jackets, over 100 Bow Tie and Windsor Tie colors, and every vest we offer. See your colors in person with your own eyes. No shopping off a screen or taking someone else’s word for it. When you pick your outfits at Louie’s Tux Shop, there are no surprises. You know what you’re getting on your special day.

At Louie’s Tux Shop, we make sure your tuxedo fits the way you want. Our staff of professionally trained formalwear specialists know how to fit our customers precisely. If your tuxedo, suit, vest, or pants don’t fit to your liking at your final fitting, we will have a replacement ready for you to pick up first thing the next morning. No rush fees, no extra charge. When you leave Louie’s Tux Shop, your tuxedo will fit perfectly.

We rent tuxedos and suits, it’s the only thing we do, and we do it right! We aren’t a big box retail store who rents suits and tuxedos on the side…we aren’t a dress shop who wants to tack wedding suits onto your bill, we ONLY rent tuxedos and suits! It’s our #1 job and we do it right. We are solely focused on getting your tuxedo ready for you. You are our number 1 priority.

Louie’s Tux Shop doesn’t upcharge for the basics…suspenders? Free! We don’t want your trousers falling down. Socks? Also, free! In fact, the socks are yours to keep. Don’t even try to return those. Plus, a matching pocket square is always included with every order. Others try to charge you an extra $5-$10. We don’t do that here.

Find a better price for the same outfit somewhere else? The chances of that are slim… but if you do, Louie’s Tux Shop will beat their price. Plus, you will still be getting the personalized customer service and exceptional clothing quality that Louie’s Tux Shop is known for. We make planning your wedding a little bit easier on your brain, and your wallet.

Looking for a specific tie color to match your bridesmaids’ dresses? No matter what you need to match your colors for, we have a color match guarantee! We will source tie colors to match any color manufactured for the bridal industry at large. We already carry over 150 colors, but we will make it 151 if we need to. We are committed to personal and professional service to make sure your wedding day is everything you’ve dreamt of.

Want to keep an eye on your groomsmen’s fitting status? Recall what tuxedos and colors they are wearing? Our online event manager lets you see exactly what we have lined up for you in the system. A list of every groomsman, what they are wearing, and whether they have come in to get measured yet, all in real time! Now you can keep tabs on the guys any time, any place. Just another way to take the stress out of wedding planning.

We’re not a big box company, or a large online retailer. We are a locally run business who is dedicated to making sure every aspect of our customers’ journey to their big wedding day is seamless as possible. We take personal pride in giving you the best possible service and getting to know you along the way. When you book your wedding at Louie’s Tux Shop, you are working with a dedicated

Want to try your outfit on before the wedding to make sure it’s perfect? We’ve got you covered! With our Grooms-Try-On program, we can prepare your wedding day tuxedo in full, far in advance of your wedding day. Come in, try it on, and make sure all is as it should be! That way you know exactly what you are getting on the big day. No surprises here!

Sleeve or pants a little longer than you expected? Something just a little bit off? Nothing to worry about. We do last-minute alterations in the shop! We can save you a second trip by doing these small alterations on the spot and getting you out the door looking exactly the way you want.

Guys coming into town from across the country? Even the globe? We can handle it. Out of town groomsmen are our specialty. With our network of formalwear shops across the country, any of your groomsmen can go to a local formalwear shop, receive a complimentary fitting, and submit their measurements online. Then when they arrive for the wedding, they can pick up here, saving them the extra hassle of travelling with a tuxedo.

No Rush Fees! We are ready when you are. No matter how late you reserve your tuxedos, you will never be charged a late fee. Other shops or big box retailers will charge you extra fees when you rent your tuxedos late, or need a last minute change. We don't do that! The price you see is the price you get.

We carry one of the largest and most diverse selections of suits and tuxedos you will find! Whether its a traditional black tuxedo, a classy colored dinner jacket, a fun evening coat to stand out from the crowd, or even a business suit! We have the colors and styles you need.

Our state of the art dry cleaning equipment ensures we deliver you the highest quality product possible. No stains, or damaged clothing. You deserve the pinnacle of quality formalwear for your special day, and that's the product we provide.

No big add on fees! When you rent from Louie's Tux Shop, you get it all! The price on the sign, includes your shirt, vest, tie, shoes, socks, suspenders, and your cufflinks! There are no surprises when you rent from us.

Louie's can be your one stop shop! We will not only provide you with the highest quality tuxedo rentals, but we also offer wedding invitations and wedding gifts and favors! Ask your formalwear specialist about how you can knock out two birds with one stone, right here.

After your wedding, you need to clean and preserve your wedding gown for generations. We do that too! When you drop off your tuxedos, go ahead and drop off your gown as well! Plus, qualifying weddings who rent from us, receive a nice discount on wedding gown cleaning and preservation.

Something not to your liking? Let us know! Sometimes that happens, but we do everything in our power to make sure your clothing and experience is as flawless as possible. Our overnight delivery trucks ensure that we have a replacement item, or change ready for you the very next day, at no additional charge.