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Tuxedo, suit styles and etiquette.

Louie's Tux Shop has been the premiere formal wear destination in the state of Indiana for over 70 years. We are here to provide you with the proper etiquette for your formal wear events. What to wear, and when to wear it. Tuxedos and suits have been a staple of formal wear since the late 1800's. A tuxedo is the highest level of formal wear a man can be seen in, and are usually required for specific type of events such as, weddings, black tie events, proms, and quinceaƱeras. There are many different styles of tuxedos. From your traditional black tuxedos, cutaways, and full dress tailcoats, to the less formal colored tuxedos, suits, and dinner jackets. There is a style for every occasion.

The most important factor in deciding what to wear is the groom complimenting the bride. A formal daytime wedding, in very strict social circles, require a cutaway coat. Though today your traditional black tuxedo is appropriate in almost any occasion. In the case of an evening wedding, strict social circles will require a full dress tailcoat. Most times if not specified, the traditional black tuxedo is also acceptable. As well as a white dinner jacket or a dark colored contemporary tuxedo. In the case of a black tie event, again the traditional black tuxedo, a white dinner jacket, or a dark contemporary tuxedo is appropriate. Semi formal black tie events are usually categorized as proms, high school dances, or college formals. These events usually allow for the most flexibility and allow one to wear a tuxedo, suit, or a dinner jacket.

There are specific features on each tuxedo, suit, or dinner jacket. Each tuxedo will have a style of lapel. Either a notch lapel or peak lapel, which are the two most common, or a shawl lapel. Tuxedos also have satin on the lapel, a satin stripe down the side of the trousers, and do not use plastic buttons. These specific satin features are what differentiate a tuxedo from a suit. Suits do however have notch and peak lapels. They also use plastic buttons and have no satin on them. Suits also utilize flaps on the jacket pockets. A dinner jacket is known for being paired with a pair of black trousers and sometimes being a unique color or featuring a design. They are very similar to tuxedos in the sense they use all 3 types of lapels and have satin lapels, trouser stripes, and fabric buttons.

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