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What is a tuxedo suit and how can you accessorize it?

Louie's Tux Shop carries the largest selection of tuxedos and tuxedo suits in the state of Indiana. No matter your event, style, or colors, we have what you need to make your event memorable and successful.

What is a tuxedo suit and when should a tuxedo suit be worn? A tuxedo suit is simply a hybrid between both a tuxedo and a suit. The most notable difference between a tuxedo and a suit is the amount of satin on the jacket and pants. A tuxedo has full satin lapels on the jacket, as well as a satin stripe down the tuxedo pants and utilizes fabric buttons as opposed to plastic buttons used on a traditional suit. Our tuxedos suits, as hybrids, have partial satin present on the jackets lapels. The satin is framed in fabric on the lapel and has no satin on the pants. The tuxedo suit still utilizes fabric button and does not have pocket flaps.

A tuxedo suit is less formal than your traditional tuxedo considering the differences listed above. These tuxedo suits are still suitable for weddings and specific events. In today's more relaxed formal environment these tuxedo suits, commonly in colors other than black, usually in shades of grays and blues, are acceptable at almost any event. They are still considered less formal than a tuxedo, but are more formal than your traditional suit however. Usually most acceptable for daytime events.

These tuxedo suits, along with your traditional tuxedos can be accessorized with many different styles. You can accessorize with bow ties or Windsor ties, a vest or cummerbund, and of course pleated or plain front shirts paired with studs and cuff links of your personal taste. Today, vests are the most common and popular option with cummerbunds being a more old school and traditional option. Your vest or cummerbund can be and should be either matching or coordinated with your dates dress or attire. There are options to wear a 3-piece matching vest that will make your tuxedo look more put together. You can still coordinate your tie with this look. Shoes are also important to your tuxedo. Black and white tuxedos or dinner jackets are usually paired with black tuxedo shoes, or depending on the color of the pants, white shoes may be appropriate. While tuxedos and suits in shades of blue should be worn with a brown shoe. Grey suits and tuxedos can be paired with either color shoe.

Louie's Tux Shop offers an ever growing selection of tuxedos, suits, and accessories to match. Find your outfit today!