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What Louie's Tux Shop can offer you.

Louie's Tux Shop makes renting your tuxedo or suit for your wedding, black tie event, prom, dance, or college formal easier than you could imagine. We have a tuxedo, suit or dinner jacket for every event, and all the proper accessories to coordinate your outfit. No other establishment will make your event as enjoyable as Louie's Tux Shop can.

Louie's Tux Shop makes matching your tuxedo or suit colors and accessories easier than anybody else. Our color match guarantee means that no matter what color you need to match, we will find the corresponding color as long as it is produced in the formalwear industry. Bring in the dress or color swatch you wish to match and we will make it happen!

We make your wedding easy as well. Groomsmen live out of town? No problem! They can get measured free of charge at their local formalwear shop and submit their measurements online to us. You decide what you want your groomsmen to wear, and the correct fitting and style tuxedo or suit will be waiting for them in our shop when they land. This means they will match your party seamlessly and be wrinkle free!

You're ordering wedding invitations right? If your party consists of at least 6 tuxedos or suits, you are eligible for FREE wedding invitations! No strings attached. You can get an unlimited amount of invitations from Carlson Craft through our wedding invitation program. This crosses one more item off of your wedding to-do list and simplifying your wedding day even further. Along with that, your groom's tuxedo rental will be included free of charge! You can't beat that. We also offer tuxedo and suit savings through our Black Tie Event and Prom programs. No body will save you as much money as Louie's Tux Shop will.