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Benefits of renting a tuxedo

Louie's Tux Shop has been making our customers look exceptional since 1948. Our procedures and product quality are unmatched and make the decision to rent instead of purchase an easy one. There are several reasons to rent a tuxedo instead of purchasing your own. From price and quality, to how often you wear a tuxedo or suit, and coordinating your colors, renting your tuxedo from us is your best option.

Coordinating your tuxedo and suit accessories to your date can be a hassle and may not always go the way you expect. Here at Louie's Tux Shop we match every color you could imagine and always make it a breeze to match your date. Purchasing accessories to match your date makes it extremely difficult to find the correct color, and could cost you an excess of money for a one time use item. Purchasing your entire tuxedo or suit presents the same difficulties. The amount of times the average person wears a tuxedo is very low, therefore making the investment in purchasing your own tuxedo and getting it tailored not very cost effective. Combining this with the challenge of finding your correct coordinating colors, makes renting your tuxedo your best option. We offer you the best price and the best possible selection that you can find here in Indiana.

How easy is it to rent a tuxedo or suit here in Indiana? It's simple! Either browse our selection online, or come into one of our locations across the state of Indiana and view all of our selections in person. Select your style, then get measured! We have trained and experienced employees who will measure you and get you the perfect fitting tuxedo in your chosen style. Select the day that you wish to pick up your tuxedo and we will have your entire ensemble ready for you to try on when you come back. Your tuxedo, pants, suspenders, shirt, shoes, socks, jewelry and even your pocket square included free of charge. Try on your tuxedo and then you're out the door! It's that easy.