Covid-19 | Questions & Answers

Our family wishes everyone the very best through this tough time. Since 1948, weddings, proms and special events have been our inspiration. To see so many weddings and proms being postponed or cancelled is crushing to us. All of our locations are currently closed due to the Indiana stay at home order, we are hopeful to be back up and running after May 1st. We will be using our website as our means of communication so it is accessible to all. In an effort to keep you informed, below are some of the most common questions we are currently fielding from our customers. Hopefully this helps you to make the best decisions during this ever changing time. As more questions come in we will continue to update this page.

Q: I have a question but cannot reach someone at the store, who can I contact?

All of our locations are closed during the mandatory stay at home policy enacted by Indiana. Please use our Contact Us Form and we will be quick to reply back with any information you need. We had very little notice to prepare answering services during the mandatory shut down, this will be the most effective way to connect with us.

Q: We are postponing our wedding, what should we do?

Please let us know through the Contact Us form on our website. If you know the new date we will adjust the rentals accordingly. If you are postponing but are uncertain of the new date, please let us know and we will update your reservations to keep all your information in place until the new date has been secured. If you are definitely postponing please notify us right away, it is much appreciated.

Q: We are hoping things improve and do not want to reschedule yet. What is the latest we can do so?

We have the ability to produce large quantities of rentals in a very short amount of time. Please feel free to wait things out as long as you can, we would prefer a notification 14 days prior to the original wedding date if you do decide to postpone.

Q: What should be do if there are party members that need to be fitted but they are unable to go to the shop?

We normally ask that party members be fitted four weeks prior to the wedding. Under the circumstances we are able to shorten this window and only ask that sizes be done at least 10 days prior to the wedding. This should give most of our customers some time to see how things play out. We will be working overtime to ensure everything stays on track.

Q: Can I still submit my measurements online even though the stores are closed through 4/20?

Yes you can. Please submit the measurements on our website and we will get them processed during this time.

Q: If our wedding must be cancelled or party members cannot attend, what is your refund policy?

We are waiving our $25 cancellation fee for any weddings or individual orders that are cancelled due to Covid-19. We are doing our best to postpone orders if there is a chance of rescheduling as this will keep customers from having to go through the entire process again. Our locations and Corporate Offices are closed through May 1st and we will be addressing each wedding party when we are allowed back to work. We kindly ask for patience as there will be many customers to address at that time.

Q: Our wedding is coming up soon and we need to order our wedding invitations. When can we do this?

Carlson Craft is our manufacturer and as of now we know that they are still running production. We are hopeful they are able to continue through this as they have production centers spread out across the country. Our stores will not be open to handle the orders but we will be processing orders remotely through our ordering site. You should setup an account, fill your shopping cart and follow through submitting the order. When you get to the stop sign, please click anywhere on the page and you will be able to proceed. When you get to the billing information please select "In Store Payment" as we will be collecting this over the phone after the order is submitted. Please be sure to have your accurate email address, cell phone number and drop ship address. You will receive PDF proofs as normal and we will reach out to you once approved to obtain payment over the phone and verify all details. If you have questions please reach out to us via the Contact Us Form and we will connect with you.

Q: Our wedding date is soon and we need to order invitations. What if we order the invitations and we have to change our wedding date?

Invitations are custom made and there is some risk involved with ordering as we cannot refund these items once they are produced. Carlson Craft is able to produce within 7 days for most stationery items, we recommend waiting as long as you can to avoid any financial pain. We will be facilitating any reprints at manufacturers cost plus shipping in the event a date change comes after the fact. If you wish to discuss this in detail, please submit to our Contact Us Form and we will personally reach out to you via phone to discuss your specific.

Q: My Prom is cancelled or rescheduled, what should I do?

We have pushed all prom orders in our system to a later date which will keep them active until we know more information. Schools have officially closed for the duration of the year and we have heard from some that they hope to reschedule. If your school completely cancels the prom we will be providing complete refunds once our stores and offices are able to reopen for business.

Q: If my Prom is rescheduled with very short notice, will I still have time to get my tuxedo?

Absolutely. We have always taken orders up until the day prior with no rush fees and we will continue to do the same. We will be expecting more last minute than normal and we are looking forward to it.

We will continue to expand Q & A more questions come to us. Our family appreciates your support and your patience as we work through this very difficult time.