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Company History

Making You The Event Since 1948

Louie's Tux Shop was founded in 1948 by Louis and Stella Buczynski in the garage of their home on 222 South Laurel Street in South Bend, Indiana. For 20 years, Louie and Stella operated out of the garage of their home, providing formalwear to the South Bend community. By offering a good product at a fair price, their customer base grew and so did their business.

In 1968, Louie's Tux Shop moved to a 2,700 square foot retail store and warehouse located at 716 Lincolnway West in South Bend, Indiana. Over the years, that retail store was transformed into what is today, a 15,000 square foot production complex in which over 6,000 tuxedos are inventoried along with complete dry cleaning, laundry, and tailoring facilities.

Today, with 17 locations throughout Northern and Central Indiana, Louie's Tux Shop is still owned and operated by the Buczynski family. All locations offer a complete selection of designer merchandise along with retail enhancements, wedding accessories, bridal party gifts, and wedding stationery.

With over 75 years of experience and internally controlled service from our central warehouse, Louie's Tux Shop maintains a level of excellence which puts us at the top of the formalwear industry. View our ever growing selection of tuxedos and suits today!